"... Hey. I Guess you found me then. Then again, I'm not really supposed to be here ... But go ahead and pester me if you want. Seems like I'm the only halfbreed in Iwatodai ..."

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Midnight's Watcher

“Oi! There you are, Simba!” she called out, wondering if she’d see him at some point. “Yeah, I saw her; you were too busy canoodling with Lamb to be bothered so I asked Kazuya to take me to one of the demon realms to search; never thought it’d be Makai, though,” she shrugged. “What brings you all the way out to see me, though?” 

Shinjiro sweatdropped a bit. “I wasn’t cannodling; we were making dinner for the dorm.” Shaking his head, he shrugged his shoulders. “And I wandered out here on my own. I do that once in a while, ya know?” 

A loud crash echoed nearby, making him sigh. “… that and Ichi-nee wanted to see what the stores were like in Tokyo. Her and Unza-jii are having a field day, and Hamuko stole my hat.”